About Us

Incredible Journey LLC was created by people who have a passion for making straightforward and elegant videos. We had been producing amateur videos for the last fifteen years, and we’ve always dreamed of putting these talents to professional use.

We were consistently encouraged to take our talent to the next level. Thus Incredible Journey Video Productions was founded, allowing us to finally snatch our dream and run with it. Our number one goal is to be the company you trust to capture your once in a lifetime event. We are the go-to video service provider for you on your Incredible Journey!

Our business objective is simple: provide our customers with high quality video productions that record their special events, provides their business with professional video documentation and preserves invaluable memories.

Our Team

Jerry Feldmiller

Jerry has been involved in videography for the last 20 years, turning his hobby into professional services in 2009. He formed Incredible Journey, LLC  to create wholesome videos aimed at telling the real story behind the event, something that will be watched repeatedly and invoke the same emotions each time its viewed.
Over the last six years, Jerry has produced three full length documentaries, numerous weddings, instructional videos, political ads, life celebration memorials, church youth camps, and a host of digital conversions. However, his passion is shooting sport events, particularly road and mountain bike rides.
Jerry enjoys getting personally involved in your event to capture unique camera footage that cannot be obtained any other way. During the editing process, he is personally involved to ensure every aspect of the production is perfect.

Arianne Feldmiller

Arianne’s interest in video production began at a young age, creating and editing short films, spoofs and family videos with her brother Myles. As Myles became more interested in story-boarding, filming and directing, Arianne became more interested in editing. They continued this way for a few years, making a great amature film production team. Though Arianne did not pursue a degree in video production, she continued to hone skills related to video editing. After school, she found a part time job with a local videography company and in 2013 she joined Incredible Journey LLC as Executive Editor. She has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work on professional projects and keep up with the ever changing technology of the digital editing world.