Avocado Nursery

Incredible Journey LLC Incredible is working exclusively with Distinctive Earthscapes, Inc at The Avocado Nursery to create a series of videos for advanced landscaping tips and techniques dealing with the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Master Gardener Phil Bond, with over twenty-five years of landscaping experience, hits on numerous topics:

• Discussion on several of the 2,500 species of plants of the Sonoran Desert
• Indian history and influences
• Edible landscapes
• Using agaves and yuccas
• Sensory gardens
• Retaining walls and mounding design ideas
• Water conservation
• Wildlife interaction
• and much, much more…

Phil delivers over two hours of useful information that you will be able to put into action immediately. His expansive knowledge of the Sonoran Desert, mixed with personal stories and a touch of humor, make this lecture a wonderful learning experience.